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Unstoppable in leaving indelible marks, Alexandra expands her expertise from Palm Springs to Los Angeles. Renowned as The Listing Agent, she excels in representing listings and expanding real estate portfolios. Alexandra's avant-garde marketing and cutting-edge social media strategies ensure top dollar for homes through unique selling approaches and exceptional negotiation skills.

A notable achievement includes a Palm Springs home under her guidance selling for $200,000 over asking, a result of a strategic partnership with a local art gallery. Alexandra seamlessly integrates her efforts, Fine Art and Fine Estates, staging open houses with first-class art, and creating a unique ambiance for each listing.


The Listing Agent, Alexandra is your dedicated strategic partner, shaping bespoke real estate strategies aligned with your goals. Whether selling, guiding purchases, exploring investments, or building portfolios, she catalyzes success.

Eager to earn your trust and business, Alexandra invites you to book a client consultation. Let her "Move You" to Exceptional Real Estate Heights!

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In the realm of real estate excellence, Alexandra Miklosova shines as a beacon of sophistication and wealth creation. Renowned as a seasoned real estate advisor, global marketing strategist, and investor, she specializes in crafting wealth through strategic real estate endeavors. Currently residing in Bel Air, Alexandra eagerly extends her services to Los Angeles, aligning herself with the esteemed real estate emporium, The Beverly Hills Estates.


In a remarkable synergy of values and vision, Alexandra proudly integrates into Walters Plaxen Estates, marking a significant chapter in her journey. This powerhouse of female agents represents everything dear to her—empowerment, experience, elegance, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Walters Plaxen Estates stands out not only for its impressive portfolio in opulent Bel Air but also for the collaborative synergy of empowerment and experience. This integration transcends a mere career move; it's a strategic alignment resonating with Alexandra's core beliefs, amplifying her influence in female empowerment and business leadership.

Alexandra extends her influence as a key influencer on the board of the Women Business Network and holds a strategic partnership on the board of the Women's Council of Realtor.


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Fine Art
& Fine Estates

Fine Art, Fine Estate" encapsulates the essence of Alexandra's innovative approach to ensuring your home stands out in the competitive real estate market.


By integrating the elegance of fine art into the staging process, Alexandra transforms your property into a distinguished masterpiece. This unique initiative not only captures attention but also adds a touch of sophistication, helping your home leave a lasting impression on potential buyers. Elevate your estate with Alexandra's commitment to excellence, where every brushstroke and curated detail contributes to making your home a standout gem in the market.


Trust in the "Fine Art, Fine Estate" initiative to set your property apart and maximize its appeal, ensuring a swift and premium sale in today's dynamic real estate landscape. 🏡🎨✨


My Gift to YOU...

"As a passionate aficionado of fine art, it brings me great joy to present you with a distinguished offering—a complimentary art consultation, paired with an exclusive discount at my cherished art galleries.


Consider this not only a gift for your new home but a celebration of artistic sophistication.

Live Life Arfully!

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Unlock the door to your Dream Home in Los Angeles or seize unparalleled investment opportunities in the Palm Springs area.


Armed with extensive market expertise in both regions, our team is poised to unveil the most extraordinary investment opportunities tailored to your vision and goals.

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