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My mission in life is to add value to yours! 


Let's design your success together!

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My Mission is

Brands & Communities!

Alexandra is dedicated to shaping brighter futures through the pillars of building robust brands, fostering community empowerment, and crafting strategic real estate solutions.


" My mission is to guide you in designing a life you genuinely love to live, with a central focus on achieving financial freedom!"-Alexandra 


To realize this, her goal is to collaboratively develop a sound real estate strategy for YOU that paves the way for generational wealth!

Leveraging innovative social media and business strategies through her consulting company Miklsova Strategies, LLC, she is dedicated to elevating your current business, providing you the financial freedom to embark on real estate investments—the true foundation for lasting generational wealth for your family


The Humbe Begginings...

Crafting the American Dream: Building a Legacy from the Ground Up

Listen to a bit of her story as she started in the Los Angeles area a couple of years ago...

The reason behind Alexandra's 'why' can be traced back to her childhood. Growing up without a father, she developed a strong sense of responsibility, taking care of her mother and sisters.


She orchestrated the migration of the entire family to the United States of America in the hope of a brighter future for generations to come.


Changing the trajectory of her entire family tree was no small undertaking, but nothing was going to stop the Hungarian immigrant from accomplishing her goal.


When you work with her, she brings that same determination to help you achieve your goals too! .

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